Ingredients (for 1 small cake):

-100g white chocolate
-20 to 30g the bitter chocolate (to taste)
-65g Butter
-2 eggs
-70g of smooth flour (you can also use rice or solid spelt flour)
-60g sugar
-40g nuts (almonds, lieskovce, walnuts, to taste)
Oven rozohrejeme to 180 °c. Over steam we melt white chocolate along with butter. When they are already liquid we put them sideways and let them cool a bit. Then add one egg, rozmixujeme and finally mix the sugar. Mix the Moringový powder together with flour and add to the liquid mixture in parts. Finally, add chopped nuts. Move the dough into a mold that we previously cushion properly baking paper. Over steam, we melt the bitter chocolate and pour the cake before baking.
Bake about 20min.
Good taste! 🙂
Find out more about moringovom powder.
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